Early childhood is a very important period of life​

Early childhood is a very important period of life. It is a period when children learn an enormous amount about the everyday world. It is also the time during which young children acquire lifelong attitudes toward themselves, toward others, and toward learning.

— David Elkind, psychologist and author


How we make a difference for your children

It was in February 2006, that founder and childcare specialist, Jade Luci, created this boutique 36-place centre in the Toukley community – and our philosophy has always remained the same.

To have the children and families at the heart of everything we do children’s educational programs, providing learning environments,creating the link between home and Play to Learn.

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Your child will feel at home

We understand it can be daunting for children to start childcare, but we promote a culture within our centre where every child and family feels at home; free from discrimination, and able to contribute and be involved in a capacity of their choosing.

Our parents and children value our commitment to simple elements research and our extensive studies , show are integral to a child’s growth and development from a very early age.

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The childcare centre that positively impacts your children

Our inspiration is in brain development, as the brain develops to 90 per cent of its potential in the first five years of life. During this period it is crucial to support, nurture and stretch each child to assist in reaching their full potential.

Taking the time to discover how each individual child learns best and can best be supported in our environment is what we stand for.If there is ever anything you need, please get in touch. We are here for you in every capacity.

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