At Play to learn we empower children with the skills for lifelong learning. We pride ourselves on providing a holistic childcare experience.

Children have a VOICE, a far-reaching and influential voice that is heard and acknowledged by their educators, families and community. Their voice drives our vision, and inspires us to provide and maintain high-quality childcare.

Since 2006 our mission has always been to empower as many young children, educators and families as possible and to live an authentic life. Our conscious relationships with our families and children supports our belief that parents are a child’s first ‘teacher’, and as educators we advocate for your aspirations for your children.

As professionals we provide support in a unified collaborative approach to childcare. Each relationship and family is unique and respected, as we advocate for diversity in all forms, and embed all diverse cultures, ideas, family backgrounds into our curriculum.

Children and their childcare learning experience is our number one priority at Play to Learn Early Learning Centre, Toukley – and we would love to help your child too. To book an initial consultation please call 02 4397 1683 or email playtolearn@bigpond.com

About Jade

As an entrepreneur, owner of childcare centres, mother and an early childhood advocate, Jade Luci is on a mission to inspire, and empower humanity!

I have a burning passion to help children grow into the human-beings they are destined to be and have studied in early childhood development, psychology, human development and potential, effective management and health and wellbeing.

— Jade Luci, childcare centre founder

Her 20+ career in early childhood education began in 2000 and has been a significant part of her daily life ever since.

As we all are here at the centre, Jade prides herself on being available to and communicating with all families, children and educators to always ensure we are providing high-quality services and programs.

Three fun facts about Jade

  • Absolutely love eating a raw plant-based diet.
  • I have an abundance of energy from the moment I wake to the moment I go to bed.
  • Everything I do in my everyday life relates back to empowerment and brain development.

Children are my world and I am blessed to have two young children of my own, who have been part of the centre’s journey from the day they were born.

In fact, I giggle when I think back to the birth of both children. During the birth of my first born in 2010, I managed to birth my baby while checking in and staying connected with the team. I vividly recall asking my then manager to hold the line as I breathed my way through a contraction.

This leads me to the way in which I show up and be with my children, while also doing what I love in the childcare industry.

I absolutely love being a conscious parent, taking the time to truly listen to the desires and needs that my children express through their words, actions and emotions (including tantrums!). These challenging moments have allowed me to build trusting relationships and to experience my own growth.

says Jade Luci

About Jemma

I originally began as a graphic designer in a print house straight out of high school, when I realised as much as love designing my true passion was teaching. I have since found there is a beautiful connection to my creative abilities and teaching in early childhood. I have worked in early childhood education for more than 10 years and in high-performing leadership roles for 6 years.

says Jemma Quinlan, Centre Manager

Jemma’s passion about early childhood

My main reason to committing to early childhood and not pursuing primary teaching, was driven through research that inspired me. Early childhood is the very core, foundation to a human’s educational journey, it provides skills for lifelong learning. I also believe there is a lack of understanding, respect and professionals focusing on the early childhood sector as a whole. I am now pursuing more leadership roles in early childhood. Mentoring fellow early childhood professionals in high-quality early years programs empowers me because I feel I am making a difference to our sector.

Jemma’s duties

I run the day-to-day managing of the whole service. Managing staff, organisations that engage within the centre (such as early intervention) and looking after our families. I ensure we are compliant, maintain our children’s rights and provide high-quality educational programs . I mentor educators, recruit and planning, strategise and collaborate with Jade. And I also look after social media, administration, rostering and occupancy.

Jemma’s qualifications

  • Bachelor of Education Early Childhood
  • Semann and Slattery leadership courses
  • Many personal development courses in early childhood programs and planning

Centre Statement of Philosophy

Providing for the future…

Children are one-third of our population and all of our future.

At Play to Learn we believe in empowering children with the skills that will build a foundation for lifelong learning. To empower children with social and emotional intelligence that supports their confidence, independence, resilience, respect and self-love. We believe that this will teach children to value their voice and contribution to HUMANITY.

This concept of HUMANITY underpins our whole philosophy. We believe as educators it is our social responsibility to make a positive impact on each child’s life which in turn strengthens human relationships and connections. We believe we are a COMMUNITY OF LEARNERS, all contributing to the growth and development of children, and providing a pathway to their formal academic learning.

We believe in providing children with the FOUNDATIONS of early learning. These include; making friends, collaborating with others, building resilience, balancing emotions, developing self-regulation skills, an emergent mindsight, communicating their boundaries and respecting their highest value. We strongly value the importance of acquiring academic knowledge in preparation for school and for life, but acknowledge this is best supported when a child is grounded through solid FOUNDATIONS.

We authentically RESPECT CHILDREN, and respect their right to be capable, to contribute, to be included, to have their voice valued, and deserving of our love and kindness. We advocate for early childhood education to be inclusive and accessible for all children. These are the RIGHTS OF THE CHILD.

Education and care provided to the children derive from an OBJECTIVE PERSPECTIVE. We engage growth and collaboration, embedding modern research with ancient wisdom to view education and care for children through multiple perspectives.


Family and community…

“Every family and their individual rights and wishes are respected

We promote a culture within our centre where every child and family feels at home; free from discrimination, and able to contribute and be involved in a capacity of their choosing. Our OPEN-DOOR POLICY allows our families to be active contributors to their child’s learning and reinforces the conscious relationships between child, educator and family.

Our CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIPS with our families and children supports our belief that parents are a child’s first ‘teacher’, and as educators, we advocate for their aspirations for their children. We also believe as professionals we can provide support in a unified collaborative approach to early education. COLLABORATION comes in many forms. As a COMMUNITY we collaborate on the children’s educational programs, providing learning environments, and creating the link between home and Play To Learn.

Each relationship and family is unique and respected, as we advocate for DIVERSITY in all forms, and embed all diverse cultures, ideas, family backgrounds into our curriculums. As families are diverse, so are their children, who are unique and grow at their own pace. Therefore, educational programs and our pedagogical approach are authentically individualised.

We also seek the diverse knowledge of professionals in the community outside the scope of early education, such as naturopaths and herbalists, as we value high-quality care.

We are a COMMUNITY, therefore we promote the development of social and environmental responsibility, and encourage children to have respect for the world around them, which includes people, the natural environment, and the centre resources and equipment.


Healthy Lifestyle…

“Healthy wellbeing, involves mind, body and soul

Children are active contributors to their own WELLBEING and are encouraged to help with the production of fresh produce, and the preparation of nutritious meals. We value active play where children can practice skills for keeping healthy through exercise and recreation.

Wellbeing also requires a nurtured mind and soul. We advocate for children’s ability to balance their emotions, develop empathy and kindness and learn to love themselves and others. MINDFULNESS practices are embedded into the programs to support this growth in all children.

Being mindful of healthy practices, nutritional balance, and sustainable living practices are all embedded within our program to ensure the children have the knowledge and skills for a continued HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

These are the values we stand for within the centre and philosophies we stand by every day.

How your child will reach their full potential when you choose us

Potential is a priceless treasure, like gold.

— Joyce Meyer, author

Providing childcare services for the future

And so is your child. Your children and developing their full potential will always be our priority. As a team of dedicated and welcoming early childhood educators, we are grateful to be skilled with a collection of capabilities, interests and gifts to share with the leaders of tomorrow – your children.

Providing everything that your child and family needs and deserves is what fills our hearts with gratitude and helps us to continue to create an aligned and mindful centre – and this makes us a little different from others. Our parents and children value and are grateful for our commitment to providing life’s simple pleasures for their children, simple elements that research and our extensive studies show are integral to a child’s growth and development from a very early age.

Our activities

  • Weekly community excursion
  • Daily qigong
  • Art
  • Reading

We understand it can be daunting for children to start childcare, but we promote a culture within our centre where every child and family feels at home; free from discrimination, and able to contribute and be involved in a capacity of their choosing.

Our parents and children value our commitment to simple elements research and our extensive studies are integral to a child’s growth and development from a very early age. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • clean fresh air and direct sunlight
  • a light, calm and trusting environment
  • nature – trees, indoor plants, real grass and nature weaved through the classrooms
  • a selection of high-quality meaningful resources, that support the acquirement of respect, diversity, and culture, and
  • Empowerment programs for children and families.